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Eleuke Electric Peanut Ukulele Mahogany Soprano Solid Body / MP3 Feature

Eleuke Electric Peanut Ukulele Mahogany Soprano Solid Body / MP3 Feature

Eleuke Electric Peanut Ukulele Mahogany Soprano Solid Body / MP3 Feature Rating:
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Product Description

The Eleuke Mahogany Peanut Shaped Electric Solid Body Soprano Ukulele is a new design. Already finding it's way on YouTube. It's slender shape makes it easy to take when traveling. Body Length 20" Width 4.5" Height 2" / 508mmX114mmX51mm. Has all the electronics, outputs and inputs like it's Eleuke cousins. Sounds like any normal solid body soprano Eleuke ukulele. This Peanut ukulele has a Chrome holding strap button installed at butt of instrument that also doubles as the 1/4" output jack to amp. The Eleuke Sapele Mahogany Soprano Ukulele has a MP3 Input, headphone output, 1/4 inch jack output to amp, Ebony nut, Rosewood bridge/saddle, Aquila Strings, High Quality Gig Bag, 13 Frets, and an under the saddle Piezo Eleuke custom pickup. THE ELEUKE IS a solid-body electric ukulele built to go from unobtrusive to in-your-face as the player's needs require. Features MP3 input. Nominated for Best at NAMM show. This uke comes equipped with an under-the-saddle piezo pickup and a 1/4" jack to plug into an amp, mix with effects pedals, and blast anything from punk rock songs to jazz standards to traditional ukulele ballads. For quiet practice or just some quality alone time, the Eleuke features a headphone jack so the player can plug in headphones and play like nobody's listening. Also the headphone jack has another unique purpose. You can make quality stereo in home recordings. Just run a stereo chord from headphone output jack to your computer's input jack (not mic input) for best recordings. The Eleuke is the most popular ukulele on the market today. Eleukes feature a wide variety of beautifully designed models and colors to appeal to every musician. Eleukes by BugsGear are quality built electric ukuleles.


  • Body Made of Sapele Mahogany, Fingerboard Rosewood
  • Eleuke custom Under the Saddle Piezo Pickup System
  • Controls 1 Volume, 1 Tone, Output Earphones, 1/4" jack to amp
  • Machine Head Geared Chrome Dicasting
  • Body Length 20", Width 4.5", Height 2" or 508mmX114mmX51mm

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